During Dan Goldstein’s career he has successfully prosecuted many high profile cases, including:

  • James Dailey, convicted of murdering his wife Guadeloupe whose body was never found;
  • Ivan and Veronica Gonzales, who became the first married couple in California to receive the death penalty after they were convicted of torturing and murdering their four year-old niece;
  • Manjit Basuta, a highly publicized case of a British daycare provider who was found guilty of shaking a baby to death in her care;
  • Coy Cox, for the murder for financial gain of Ruth Cox, a local educator and leader;
  • Sally McNeil for the murder of her husband, Mr. California;
  • Mario Rushing, for the murder of Tamara S. and her unborn fetus; and
  • Daniel Moriarty, the chairman of the University of San Diego’s Psychology Department, for threats against his wife. 

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